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It's that time of year when it's nice to light a candle at night, especially on the run up to Christmas.  There's something cosy about snuggling up with a hot chocolate in candlelight.

But, although candles are pretty to look at, we must also remember that they are a major cause of fires in the UK each year.  It is so easy to forget you've got a candle burning for a split second and that is all it takes.  The consequences can not only cost you treasured possessions, but it can cost you your life too.  We've put together some rules to remember when using candles.  Enjoy them, but please be careful and never underestimate the power of a candle.

Golden rules to remember when using candles:
1. NEVER leave a candle unattended
2. Make sure you have a proper holder
3. Keep candles away from draughts
4. Keep them out of reach of children and pets
5. Avoid putting them under a shelf
6. Keep candles away from curtains, cushions, and fabrics
7. Avoid using candles when drinking alcohol

It's also wise to have a fire extinguisher at hand to put out any small house fires.

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